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About IT Services


We have recently setup a new IT team and several new support services, which is all meant to enhance and support our staff and students.

We are always interested in your feedback and suggestions on how to better our IT support for you our customer.

Our mission statement: To deliver great IT services to all CIT staff and students.

  • Develop the best team and empower this team through effective IT Governance processes and appropriate Training programmes (project management, technical, process, etc)
  • Enhance the reputation of CIT by delivering great services to our Students, thereby enhancing the students CIT experience.
  • Support and Enhance Academic Programmes and Staff through high Quality IT services and Solutions, supporting our flexible and modularised academic programme.
  • Develop IT services catalogue Location Open and key operational Controls and service delivery processes to drive enhanced IT service quality in CIT.
  • Set out an IT system architecture and IT systems project road map to achieve strategic goals.
  • Drive Value for money and effective investment in IT systems and Solutions
  • Support and drive the develop on E-learning technologies and their application within CIT


These investments will be grouped into 5 major programmes of work and investment over the next 3 years. This programme of change and investment is nothing short of an IT Transformation programme. Which is required to support the Institutes transformation into one of Ireland largest and leading academic institutes, and deliver a very diverse set of academic programme’s via a fully modular academic programme.