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Welcome to the CIT Printing Section, to begin printing your documents, just log on to any of the computers in Open Access or the computers in all the IT labs. After logging on, open up your intended document you wish to print, click FILE on the top left corner of the screen and follow the instructions below.

Types of Printer

There are two types of printers, colour (CIT COLOUR PRINTER) and black & white (CIT MONO PRINTER). To choose which specific printer you want to use, click on the arrow underneath Printer and select either MONO or Colour as shown below. Above the printer is Copies where you can tell the printing stations how many copies of the document you want to print.


Print all, Current & Custom Range

If you only want to print specific pages, go to settings and choose either Print All Pages, Print Current Page and Print Custom Range. When choosing Print Custom Range, you need to enter the range of numbers inside the Pages box. So for example, you only want to print page 6 to 12 out of a 20 page document, you type in 6 - 12 inside the pages box. The printer will then print them selected pages.

Print One Sided/Both Sides

You can choose to print your content on one page at a time or print on both sides of a page.

Page Orientation

Where you can set your pages to be portrait or landscape.


Printers have two types of paper to choose from, A4 (medium size) and A3 (large size). In the printer section, you can choose what size paper you want as shown below.

Print Stations

After setting up and accepting the print settings, your document information will be sent to the printing stations outside of open access. The information will be sent after you select Print. To begin the actual printing, go to the Copy & Print Stations as pictured below. As mentioned before, there are two types of printers which are MONO(black& white) and COLOUR. Go to the designated print station.


Scan your student card on the card reader and a "Please Select a Function" will appear on the Copy & Print Station screen. Select Print as pictured above.

After selecting Print, this screen will appear above with a list of files to choose from.

You can select files individually by using the touch pad or select all of them by touching the Select All function. When all selected, select Print and all your documents will be printed out from the side of the printer. Any problems with jamming or paper running out, ask the person on the desk in Open access for assistance.