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Saving Energy

Saving Energy

Saving energy can help protect the environment and reduce costs. Everyone can help to save energy at CIT by reducing the amount of power your office computer consumes. When your computer is in standby or hibernating in low power sleep mode energy consumption is very low.



Switch off your computer and monitor:
When you are finished work, manually shutdown your computer and monitor and turn off power at the main switch for maximum energy savings. Equipment on stand-by uses up to 20% of the energy it would use when fully on! Even when TURNED OFF computers use energy!! You must also switch the socket off or unplug!


All staff are asked to turn off Computers, Printers, Lights and other Electrical lab equipment when not in use and office equipment at night and weekends.


Turning off equipment will save a lot of energy. For example, a photocopier left on overnight uses enough energy to produce over 1500 copies. That is a lot of energy wasted in a week! It’s not just you who likes to switch off at night., so switch off / plug out your computer and other electrical equipment in the evening. Ensure someone switches off the photocopier and lights in the evening and Involve and motivate everyone to reduce unnecessary energy usage in your building. IT Services are always looking at improving our energy usage throughout our campuses.