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Mailmeter: Automatic Email Archive Service

Mailmeter: Automatic Email Archive Service

As part of a space and storage saving effort the IT services Team have implemented MailMeter.
This feature will allow you to store a lot more data in your mailbox, without running out of space. It creates this additional space by moving older attachments to an external storage location. This is also called archiving or stubbing.

Due to the large number of users with over sized and full mailboxes

IT Services have reduced the archived rule:

  • Inbox, 200 days or older.
  • Sent, 60 days or older.
  • Deleted mails, 1 week.

Using Mail-Meter

Step 1

Within your Outlook mailbox or Outlook Web Access click on the message with your attachments. When you go to inbox email messages older than 200 days or sent items over 60 days, you will see that the attachment is now a link.

Step 2

Once you have selected the email message that you would like to retrieve the attachments from, click on that message to open it up. An icon will appear in the message stating “The attachments in this message have been placed in an archive to conserve space on the email servers.” To access your attachment click on the link under the message and you will be redirected to your attachment.

Step 3

After clicking, you will be redirected to the attachment. If you have an active web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) or a default internet browser you will see the following messages:

Step 4

The first message informs you that you are about to download your attachment and that you should click on the link within the message to access the content. The second message is the automatic feature that allows you to access the message by clicking Open or Save.

Step 5

Once you have clicked Open or Save, the attachment will open in whatever format you have specified. The two messages above will close and you will be able to view the attachment.