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Microsoft Outlook Anywhere


What is Microsoft Outlook Anywhere

Microsoft Outlook Anywhere gives users the ability to use Outlook normally within your organisation, without the need for any special connections or hardware, such as smart cards and security protocols. Outlook Anywhere is an alternative to VPN connections and can do remote connection to the Exchange through the internet by using procedure called RPC over HTTP. This allows acces to your Exchange account remotely from the internet when you are working outside your Institutes firewall

Enable Outlook Anywhere

To enable your Outlook Anywhere manually, do the following steps:

1. Open up outlook, go to File and select Account Settings and a little box will pop down below, click on Account Settings to proceed.

2. From here, double click your account to access your profile.

3. In your Change Account box, enter in into the server box and your user name into User Name box.

4. After enter in your details, click on More Settings ... on the bottom right hand corner of Change Account window.

5. Here, tick the Connect To Microsoft Exchange Using HTTP box and click on Exchange Proxy Settings.

6. On the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window, enter in into the Https:// box and set the proxy authentication settings by clicking on the arrow and selecting Basic Authentication.