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How to Install Office Pro Plus

How to access and install Office Pro Plus ?

To access Office 365 Education, go to
If you haven't used this service before, enter your full email address and select the green button "Get Started for free" as shown below in order to assign an appropriate Office 365 license to your staff account.

Select (I’m a teacher)

Select Continue

At the next window is the official Microsoft Office365 login window

You will need to enter your full staff email address including the prefix and your current active password.

Once this is completed select the Sign In radio button


Once you have successfully authenticated you will be presented with a window display similar to below, once you are happy select Start


Once logged in your will now be presented with your Office 365 platform. To access the install facility for the Microsoft office suite, select the cog wheel in the top right hand corner. Upon the drop down function select Office 365 settings.

Once selected the window display will change. On the left hand panel select the Install status tab, and then select the red text ‘Install Desktop Applications'


You will then be redirected to the Software window. Select the ‘Office’ tab


Choose the version you require and then select ‘Install’.

The download will start and the install of Microsoft Office Suite will begin on your local device.