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Module Builder

Module Builder

CIT is in the process of transferring and updating all its programmes of study into an agreed format. To assist academic staff in developing the modules required for these programmes, a module entry web-tool (Course Builder) has been developed. Most web-based applications are based on a client-server architecture. All of the data is transferred to and stored by the server application in the Course Builder modules database. This has a number of implications for how the application operates:

  • There is no data checking such as spell checking where free text data entry is allowed.
  • Errors and omissions are reduced by limiting entry options, where possible, using drop
    down menus and check boxes.
  • Data entry generally has a commit button, usually labeled ‘Add’ or 'Add Item’. If you fail
    to press this button, data entered will be lost if you navigate to another part of the

A module author, using Course Builder, will develop a draft module descriptor of his/her
module under standard headings such as: learning outcomes; indicative content; assessment
strategies; and learning resources. This resultant draft module descriptor is stored in a
module database in the approved module descriptor format.

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To learn more about how to use the course builder to to the website click here where you will find a user guide.

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