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Cisco IP Phones

IT Services are now deploying new Cisco IP phones where new handsets are required or old ones are being replaced. There are two basic models:

Cisco 7945

Cisco 7965


User Guides:

Unity Voicemail

A voice mailbox is available on request. If you require one, please email Alternatively you can log a call with our IT Service Centre by clicking here. Voicemail is available in a number of ways:

  • By selecting it from the Messages button on the phone itself;
  • By dialing 5500, the voice mail box pilot number;
  • Externally, by dialing +353(0)21 4335500. When the systems answers, type *, then enter your extension number and PIN.

If you wish to access your voice mail outside of the college, just dial 021 4335500:

  1. When the system responds, press *
  2. You are then prompted to enter your user ID; type in your extension, followed by #, e.g. 6464#
  3. Then, you will be asked to enter your PIN; enter your personal 4 digit PIN code followed by #, e.g. 1234#

(Please note when asked to enter the pound symbol, the system means the # button.)


To download a detailed Cisco IP Phone and Unity Voicemail (v1.1).pdf, click here.

Working with Voicemail

Use the following keys to control playback as you listen to a message:

Key(s) Task Key(s) Task
1 Restart message 8 Pause/Resume
2 Save 9 Fast-forward
3 Delete # Fast-forward to end
4 Slow playback ## Skip message, save as is
5 Change volume * Cancel or back up
6 Fast playback 0 Help
7 Rewind message    

Use the following keys to manage the message after you have listened to it:

Key(s) Task Key(s) Task
1 Replay message 6 Save as new
2 Save 7 Rewind message
3 Delete 8 Play message properties
4 Reply # Save as is
42 Reply to all * Cancel or back up
44 Call the subscriber 0 Help
5 Forward message    

 After saving or deleting the message, you can:

  • Follow the system prompts to play another message or log on to Cisco Unity to perform other tasks.
  • Hang up, and click the Back button on your device to return to the BlackBerry Inbox.
 Voicemail PIN

Users can change their PIN from their own phones at any time as follows:

  1. Press the Messages button on phone;
  2. Type in your PIN code, e.g.1111, followed by #
  3. Next chose the Setup option, press 4
  4. Next chose Personal settings, press 3
  5. Now, press 1 to change your PIN
  6. You will be asked to enter your PIN twice to confirm it, both times followed by #.