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Council Room

Instructions for Council Room Audio/Visual Equipment

1. Projector Operation (2 Small White Boxes located under centre table)

  • Press Green Button to turn ON
  • Press Red Button to turn OFF


2. Laptop

  • Ensure that you connect the cable to the laptop from either connection point 1, 2 or 3
  • Ensure that your laptop is signalled to output

(for DELL laptops, press FN + F8 (CRT/LCD) )

Ensure your laptop is not in ‘sleep’ mode as nothing will show on the projector screen(s).


3. Black Box Operation (Black Control Box located under centre table)-selection from left to right

  • Black Box Step 1: Select Laptop 1, 2 or 3

(Green LCD light = on, no light = off)

  • Black Box Step 2: Select Projector Door or Window or both

(Green LCD light = on, no light = off)

  • Black Box Step 3: Press Enter
  • Black Box Step 4: Ensure that Vid is on

(Yellow LCD light = on, no light = off)

N.B. Please ensure that you power off the projector(s) at the end of your presentation by pressing each of the red button(s) that control each of the projectors.

For any further queries regarding the room above please contact the President's Office within the Administration Building.